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Keeping it Chill

A big ”THANK YOU” to Henry’s Electric for getting us a great deal on a new freezer. We can now store 900 pounds of frozen meat, enough for three weeks. Henry’s is one of the many local businesses that help us out. What’s in the freezer? three hundred pounds of beef from Tory Hill in Lakeville, Ct, where we buy most of our meat. Right now, we also have a variety of meat donations from Guido’s and canned hams from the Western Mass Food Bank. All of shoppers are offered plenty of protein each week: frozen and canned meat/fish, eggs, milk, cheese, peanut butter, beans and rice. Right now we’re having a hard time getting free peanut butter and canned chicken and tuna. Can you donate some? There are always bins outside for shelf stable foods. Or get in touch with us if you want to drop off a large donation.

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