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Kick Ball for the Pantry!

So Monday October 10th saw the first annual Great Barrington Kick Ball Championship to raise awareness and funds for the People’s Pantry of Great Barrington. Participating teams were made up of the employees from three restaurants, Mama Lo’s BBQ, Ricardo’s Pizza, & The Miller Pub, who challeneged the

“home” team of the Railroad Street Youth Project on their home field

at Memorial Park. Light hearted skirmishes took place first between the Miller Merfolk and Mama Lo’s Smokeshows followed by Ricardo’s Doughmakers challenging the Railroad Street Youth Project Staff. When the dust had settled only the Merfolk and the Doughmakers were left standing, and winded from their hard fought victory over the Smokeshows, The Merfolk - who came not only in full uniform but with tridents and wearing Poseidon beards - buckled to the mighty Doughmakers, who now hold the title of best kickers in South County.

In the end over $2000 was raised by the event targeted at helping pay for the coming year's peanut butter purchases.

Organizer Chris Hale - manager of the Miller, leader of the Merfolk, and all around great guy - blamed his team’s final showing on the fact that referee Rees Shad (a board member of the Pantry and notorious couch potato) had neglected to bring his glasses and had never officiated a kick ball game in his life…. But Hale

uproariously congratulated all who gathered for the real victory of the day - truly raising awareness about and funds for the People’s Pantry.

Thanks to all the players, and everyone who came out and cheered the teams on!

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